Guided Meditation

with Rosemary Bennett

Guided Meditation CD of Simply Relaxation

Simply Relaxation - Guided Meditation with Rosemary Bennett.

Simply Relaxation
by Rosemary Bennett comes in two formats -
Guided Meditation digital download
or a physical Guided Meditation CD.


Relaxation is essential in todays world.  Simply Relaxation - the new Guided Medtiation CD from Rosemary Bennett - offers a range of guided relaxation exercises that anyone can use. 

Rosemary Bennett - international speaker, lecturer, teacher and expert in personal wellbeing - has made this guided meditation recording so that you can learn to relax using some simple breathing, visualization and meditation methods.

This unique combination of Rosemary's soothing voice together with subtle and simple relaxation music from her Simply Relaxation team -  
Rick Plumridge and Matthew Harding, who composed the 
Relaxation Music CDs
 "River to the Sea" and "Sea to Sky"
- will help you forget your stresses, let go of your tensions and refocus your mind...... to Simply Relax.

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Guided Meditation CD from Rosemary Bennett.

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Simply Relaxation - Guided Meditation With Rosemary Bennett - Various Artists

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